• Michele Brourman

All the Way With Eva Mae/Mister Sincere : Eine Kleine Trunk Musik


Karen Gottlieb and I dreamed it in 1976. In our musical, “THE AMERICAN FOXE”, a woman dares to run for president of the United States against a corrupt incumbent who uses every possible dirty trick to break her both politically and personally and refuses to concede the election. But she prevails!

I managed to rescue this wobbly recording from a 40-something year old cassette.

To me, it embodies the joy and the jubilance of this current moment in time, even though we wrote the song more than 40 years ago.

George Ball, singing “Mister Sincere”, is the awful incumbent who wears a good-guy mask. I sang the role of Eva Mae Foxe, and a cast of marvelous friends, including Tim Stone and Jody Mitchell, played everybody else.

I hope you’ll listen past the warbles!!!

Much love -


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