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Eine Kleine Trunk Musik: The Ballad of Robin & Marian

The first great love of my life was a myth. Stands to reason, right?

He was handsome, idealistic, bold – he was Robin Hood!

Elegantly portrayed by Richard Greene, written by blacklisted Hollywood writer

Ring Lardner, he made dashing entrances, delivered witty remarks (especially to an impressionable girl of eight!) as he stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

I never wanted to be Marian; she spent far too much time waiting to be rescued.

I wanted to be him!

From the album “Fools and Little Children”

Words & Music: Michele Brourman

Produced by MJ Denton and Michele Brourman

Piano and vocals: Michele

Bass: Larry Tuttle.

Viola: Novi Novog

Synth and Electric guitar: Stephan Oberhoff

Engineered by Andrew Bush

Mixed by Stephan Oberhoff

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