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Eine Kleine Trunk Musik: Think About the Bad Times

When I look back at these past 16 months, it feels as if time has folded Itself in half

like a huge sheet of paper. It’s not that nothing’s happened in these months –

HUGE things have happened, world-shaking things.

We’re being treated to a giant lesson in uncertainty where everything is in flux.

Just a month or two ago, we were declaring “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel – and It’s not a train.” But the tunnel is longer than we thought it would be.

Which brings me to this song, which Karen Gottlieb and I wrote in the 1970’s.

(That alone is mind-blowing!!)

It’s my Eine Kleine Time Capsule. Hope it brings a wry smile to your lips.

Stay well, stay safe, and may we all stay connected!!

Much love –



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