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In Everyone: Eine Kleine Trunk Musik

You’ve gotta be out of your mind to try to write a new musical. 

Clearly, I am – and have been –outta my mind for quite a while.  I’ve written a bunch of them.  Had a few produced, but also several that have never made it to the stage. 

Karen Gottlieb and I wrote one in the mid-1970’s about the first woman president of the US. (we were WAY ahead of our time – but hopefully Time has finally caught up with us!) We also wrote several half-completed shows. Among those was a musical based on the comic strip “BroomHilda” with a book by Joan Tewksbury (she famously wrote the movie “Nashville”).

This is from “BroomHilda” – the musical answer to the question “where does Magic come from:?”  The vocal is by one of my favorite singers of all time, Tim Stone.   I used to say that when Tim opened his mouth, God sang.  I still feel that way.   I produced and arranged the track, and sang back-up for Tim in Tom Manche’s studio in WeHo.  Probably a little over the top, but hey, this was the 80’s!


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