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Eine Kleine Trunk Musik : Indian Boy & Different

It’s June!

Fathers’ Day. And Pride Month.

For me, that’s an interesting juxtaposition.

My father was homophobic through most of his younger years.

But in his second marriage he became the stepfather of two young women whom

he adored, and they were both gay. The last time I saw my father was at my stepsister’s wedding to her beautiful partner. My father literally kept himself alive so that he could fly to Houston to be present for Stacey and Mary’s wedding, years before gay marriage became legal. He bought a new suit that hung on his cancer-thin frame, greeted all the guests, found time to have one-on-one talks with each of his daughters, step-children, grandsons.

He was a complicated man, my father, but he grew and changed and learned through all of his 75 years. I’m celebrating him today, and celebrating Pride Month with these two songs.

“Indian Boy” was inspired by a gentleman I met while playing an odd gig in the Mohave Desert. He always wore a white linen suit, a red silk kerchief tied at his neck, carried an elaborately carved walking stick, and when he was in his cups he ballroom danced all alone. He showed up every weekend, and every weekend he asked me to write a song that would bring his lost daughter back to him. Karen Gottlieb and I wrote the song for him – but we both knew it was really about our own fathers, Ben Gottlieb and Philip Brourman.

Craig Pomranz asked Amanda McBroom and me to write “Different” to accompany his beautiful book “ Made by Raffi” about a little boy who takes up knitting and encounters bullying by other children – until they come to appreciate him for who he is. Craig, who is a marvelous singer in “real life” has been displaying his mouth-watering bakery creations on FB!! It’s a good thing we’re not in the same city!!

You can get Craig's book HERE

Happy June, everyone!! Stay well!!

Love –



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