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Eine Kleine Trunk Musik: Long, Long Night

My two favorite holidays, the only ones I celebrate faithfully every year, are Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice. For Thanksgiving, my whole family crowds around our dining table and I bring out the tablecloth my grandma embroidered.

For Solstice, my precious group of “pagan” friends has been gathering by the fireplace every December for close to 40 years. We light candles, read poems, sing and play music together.

This year, of course, we will only gather in our hearts. As President Elect Joe Biden said, we’re heading into a dark winter. It made me remember this song, written in 1978 with Karen Gottlieb.

The chorus simply says:

“I think it’s gonna be alright – but it’s gonna be a long, long night.”

Feels true right now.

May 2021 bring us into the light!!


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Robin Munson
Robin Munson
Nov 27, 2020

Darling Michele - Such a beautiful performance of a beautiful and poignant song. I found myself singing along with tears in my eyes. (As I have so often when I have seen you perform live.) Perfect song for this exact moment in time!


Nov 27, 2020

Wonderful! Michelle,like you love and thanks Joan K

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