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Eine Kleine Trunk Musik - Mother's Day Edition

Mothers Day…

It can be such an emotional day for many of us whether our mothers are

gone or present, beloved or difficult or both.

Funny, when I think about Mothers Day, I think about my mom.

Not so much about myself as a mom, even though I am one, and deeply grateful.

I wrote this song with my sister Robin Brourman Munson to honor our mother after her passing 13 years ago. Together with our sister Sherry and with Robin’s husband, Art Munson who produced this recording with us and created the video, we’re celebrating our mother.

Tomboy, chain-smoker, cancer survivor, artist, loving and complicated and gorgeous,

she left us a deep and beautiful legacy.

Happy Mothers Day to you – and to your moms!

Love –

The Brourman Sisters

PS you can find this recording on Robin’s CD “The View from Here” along with many

more of her wonderful songs! Click HERE to listen! Or for Spotify click HERE


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