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I Can Fix It

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Written and performed by Michele Brourman

New relationships are scary – and dangerous. There’s a conundrum:

in order to find out if there’s something there, you have to open yourself up.

Yet you haven’t had enough time to know If that person is really “safe”

to open up to.

I was starting to date this cute engineer (he’s now my husband) when a voice inside my head started going off. Loud! In these exact words.

Clearly, they had to be sung.

I recorded this song at Stagg Street Studio in Van Nuys with Larry Tuttle on bass and Joe Pusateri on drums, then completed, mixed and mastered it with my genius friend and co-producer , Stephan Oberhoff. I’d planned to include it on “The Price of Love” – but it didn’t seem to have a place in the album.

So here it is - my first “B side.”

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1 commentaire

Bill Goodboy
Bill Goodboy
15 juil. 2020

We have known each other for some time now and both through friends we knew many years ago. It reminds me of the period when "Beatnik Coffee Houses" existed. This inspiration may possibly have touched your heart being a woman where the style you use now touches my heart more. It may be the style of the music beat or how you "risked opening up" to someone you really cared about! (Obviously!) Your Hubby! Ich spreche Deutsch! and "A Small Trunk Music" I understand so I thought about the day I was able to read your eyes and lip at the Greer Cabaret here in Pittsburgh when I first actually met you, Amanda and Ann. Knowing that we were bot…

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