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Mary Said No : Eine Kleine Trunk Musik

On this day when the light begins to expand just the tiniest bit – the day after the Longest Night – may this holiday season, and the New Year to come be filled with joy!


Michele and Amanda


Lyrics: Amanda McBroom Music: Michele Brourman

An angel came from heaven in the still of an April night

His eyes were filled with fire, his wings alive with light

He told the maid that she would bear

The Son of God, the answered prayer

That through his blood and heart’s despair

He’d heal all man’s distress

If Mary said yes.

But Mary said no. Mary said wait.

Why would God wish such a terrible fate

On a child that man will worship and hate

A child whose blood will flow

Mary said no.

The angel sang of shepherds and crowns of thorn and gold

Of trees a-bloom with cherries in the deep of winter’s cold

Of frankincense and stars and myrrh

A cradle lined with fox’s fur

And how the world would worship her

If she would acquiesce

If Mary said yes

But Mary said no. Mary said please.

Threw herself down on her trembling knees

And begged the angel for release

To let this maiden go

Mary said no

Ave, Ave, Maria….Ave, Ave, Maria

The angel smiled a fearsome smile-

His feather’s brushed her cheek

His voice as sweet as honey (the words the angel whispered)

Made Mary’s heart grow weak

If you will bear this child so dear

And if all men have ears to hear his words of love,

Peace will appear…

And mankind will be blessed

All wrongs will be redressed

With joy and sorrow in her breast

Mary at last… said yes.

Ave, Ave Maria….

Ave, Ave, Maria……


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