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Somewhere In Time: Eine Kleine Trunk Musik

Lyric by Barbara Rothstein/Music by Michele Brourman

Performed by Kimaya Seward

Produced by Michele Brourman & Stephan Oberhoff

Barbara Rothstein and I wrote this in (gulp) 1995. Her lyric, written about her late husband Roger, touched me so deeply that the music kinda poured through me.  I remember the two of us sitting at my keyboard, weeping.

Barbara said, “We have to record the demo at Stephan’s –  hedoes great string arrangements.”  I had no idea who she was talking about, but I assured her that I could write some very good string arrangements.  Then she handed me a cassette.  “Play this.” I put it in my boom box,  (like I said, it was 1995)  and heard this lush, gorgeous sound. I pressed STOP – and said, “Book it!”

This recording with singer Kimaya Seward, another revelation, was the start of my creative partnership and friendship with Stephan Oberhoff.

I thank Barbara constantly for that!  And for this song, which still brings me to tears.


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