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The Joy of the Ride: Eine Kleine Trunk Musik

In 2006, I got my first ever songwriting commission – a totally improbable one.

It came through my friend Arthur Joseph, a marvelous voice teacher, for a seminar

that he was going to lead for a group of CEO’s of million-dollar companies.

They were doing their annual retreat – in this case, a 4-day journey by train from Vancouver to Banff, and Arthur had convinced them that they needed a theme song for the trip. My first reaction was – you’ve got to be kidding! A gaggle of wealthy Republicans?!! But after a phone call with the trip organizer who told me more about their goals, I started to warm to the idea. And then this lyric poured out of me – way happier than I ever thought I could be!

The CEO’s reported that they’d learned the song during the trip – and completed their journey by singing it rousingly!! And that was that. But then, a few years later, the song got a second life for the end-credits of Universal’s animated “Little Engine That Could”. Stephan Oberhoff co-produced it with me and played all those guitars and banjos, and Corbin Bleu sang it just as happily as I had first felt it!

So this is not exactly an “orphan” song. But unless you’re the head of a multi-million dollar company or a 4-year old, you would never have heard it.

And I think we’re all in need of a some joy right now!!


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